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Drs. Teri & Stu Warner are Chiropractic Pediatric Leaders, Coaches, & Chiropractic Pediatrics 365 Founders;
Creating Pediatric Practices for the World's Most Successful Chiropractors!
Thousands of chiropractors just like YOU have participated in the Warner's programs over the last 20 years, because they work! If your ready to fill your office with kids and become more profitable, they will show you how you too can have the practie of your dreams!
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The Warner's have had legendary success in bringing chiropractic pediatrics to the world on a global scale; through their world-wide pediatric conferences, massive special events, national network media appearances, lecturing, coaching, & 25 years of private practice seeing kids & pregnant moms. 
Through 365 you will gain the SKILLS — CONFIDENCE — SYSTEMS — MARKETING, 
that will launch your pediatric practice to new heights that you never thought possible. 
  Video Lessons

Watch, listen & learn while Drs. Teri & Stu teach you their most comprehensive pediatric classes ever, on every topic you can imagine & implement immediately in your office.
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& Workbooks
Downloadable forms and worksheets accompay the lessons with recaps & supplemental materials. 
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Join Drs. Warner & your colleagues on Zoom calls & Google Hangouts, as well as in your Secret Facebook Group exclusively for CP 365 members.
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How the Warner Method & CP 365 Will Revolutionize Your Practice!
The Specifics... Learn the Principles & 12 Building Blocks of a Vital Pediatric Practice:
Chiropractic Pediatrics 365 is the newest and most powerful model to exponentially grow your practice! Imagine attracting the pediatric patient as the first patient in the family to start care, enrolling the whole family, becoming the highest priced doctor in your town (because of the impact you have on families lives), and to position yourself as the "Go-To" health authority for kids in your community.

More and more Chiropractors are coming to the realization that they have the desire to see more children, pregnant woman & babies in their office, BUT they lack the strategies, certainty and skills, to confidently do so. 

Learn the secrets to having it all... while having fun & making a tremendous profit! Drs. Warner’s will dive deep into the vital strategy of the Pediatric Practice Mindset, Pediatric Exam & Adjusting, Communication Strategies, Branding, Maximizing Internal Referrals, Pediatric Marketing & Special Events, Success Strategy, New Patient Acquisition, Pre/Post Natal Care, Webster Technique & Assessing Newborns, & so much more... Now that is a formula for PEDIATRIC PRACTICE SUCCESS! 

They will guide you to clarity, authority, fun and freedom in practice. NO FLUFF just pediatric success planning & principles! 
About The Drs. Warner
The Drs. Warner have presented at over 700 chiropractic programs, teaching Chiropractic Pediatrics for audiences up to 5,000. They appear regularly on various forms of media, as seen here recently on 'The Doctors", for a segment on Chiropractic Care for Newborns. 
Often referred to as the Pediatric Power Couple, these TWO are incredible mentors in all areas of Pediatric Practice!

Dr. Stu and Dr. Teri Warner have created a legendary pediatric practice over the last twenty plus years where 75% of their patients are children under the age of 10. In almost every instance, the child is the first patient in the family to receive care in their practice.

They travel, coach, speak, and mentor Chiropractors to life-changing levels of RESULTS.  
Drs. Warner adjusting in their practice in N.J.
The CP 365 Training Academy:
Level 1 Master Classes: Growth Spurts
'The 12 Building Blocks'
12 Weeks - 12 Modules
To Establishing & Massively Expanding Your Pediatric Practice
'Growth spurt', an occurrence of growing quickly and suddenly in a short period of time. 

This is the Drs. Warner like you've never experienced. These legendary docs take you backstage - inside their own practice, to learn everything from the pediatric history & examination, adjusting the newborn, communicating the perfect ROF, pediatric care plans, and the most important 60 seconds of a new patients office visit. Classes span the gamut from: The cornerstone of building a massive CP 365 practice, 7 Secrets to growing a strong united office team, Charging for kids and families, Becoming the 'Go-To' pediatric expert in your community, Massive marketing & promotions, Special events, Community outreach, Achieving clinical certainty, Working with the pregnant mom, and Yourself... PERSONAL GROWTH = PRACTICE GROWTH.

Whether your a new graduate looking for a quick launch to your practice, or an established doc desiring expansion, in the CP365 Academy you're not just learning procedures, you're learning how to take your practice to the higher & higher levels of success & impact. 
What You'll Learn:  The Foundations of a Great Practice
This is the foundation of creating the pediatric practice of your dreams! In this intensive 12 week 'GROWTH SPURTS' program you will learn to master the 12 Building Blocks of a Pediatric Practice. Whether your a new graduate launching your practice, or have been in practice for years, this is the place to start. 
Building Block / Week #1 MASTER BLUEPRINT:
 The Pediatric Practice MINDSET
  • Modeling success... The Mindset of Winners
  • The habits of the "Million Dollar Practice Mindset"
  • Aligning your Vision, Mission, and Purpose with a successful pediatric practice
  • How your mindset determines your success
  • Don't reinvent the wheel - Do what others are already succeeding at!
  • Fine tuning your passion & translating that into your mission

Building Block / Week #2  
  • Eliminating staff infections & how to build a successful team to support you
  • How to delegate everything and focus on what you love doing best
  • 5 key steps that have created numerous multi-generational families of patients 
  • 7 Secrets to growing a strong united office team that transcends to the patients as they commit to the vision
  • The right way to have your staff help grow the practice
  • Office decor, dynamics and flow to create lifetime families in your practice
Building Block / Week #3  
PEDIATRIC History & Exam
  • Time tested stratagies for Vists 1,2, & 3 and beyond that produce committed patients & great results...
  • The initial phone call
  • Pediatric patient paperwork
  • Pediatric NP history & exam procedures, 
  • Success systems
  • The Most Important 60 Seconds of a New Patients Office Visit
  • Pediatric practice management procedures visits 1, 2, 3
  • Perfecting the pediatric history, NP exam, & progress examination
Building Block / Week #4  
PEDIATRIC ROF & Adjusting Schedules 
Day 2 & Beyond, Pediatric Care Plans... 

Ready to commit parents to lifetime care for their kids... This is the system that has produced an office full of families who have been with us for 25 years. We now have patients who we took care of when they were little, bringing us their babies to adjust. We will reveal how and why. We will give the 'secret sauce' to make your pediatric ROF's shine and care plans make sense. With this formula you will have parents signing up their kids just about every time.
  • How to develop an adjusting schedule for a pediatric patients
  • Giving our trademark 'No report of findings' report of findings, because they are already committed 
  • Lifetime care plans
  • Scheduling the new patient health workshop
  • Transitioning from insurance dependent to a congruent cashed based practice
Building Block / Week #5 
The BUSINESS of Chiropractic Pediatrics:
The Why & How of Charging for Kids...

Be ready to learn the communication techniques that commit patients to long term care for a profit. You will learn to answer all the parents questions with ease, when you learn these answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions that prevent patients from signing their kids up for care.... Get to "Yes" every time!
  • Advanced care plans for kids
  • Charging for kids and families
  • Cash practice
  • Why it's more valuable to adjust children than adults
Building Block / Week #6 
COMMUNICATION Techniques that Win:
Patient Education, Pediatric & Adult Health Talks, & Getting into Schools...
  • Patient education that works & gets to YES every time
  •  Discover communication to parents that works
  • Answering the 5 most common questions regarding chiropractic care for kids 
  • How to commit families to long term wellness care
  • Patient education to create lifetime patients
  • Doctor’s report / Health care class (i.e. teaching parents)
  • Pediatric health care class (i.e. teaching kids)
Building Block / Week #7  
Authority & BRAND BUILDING:  
Becoming the 'Go-To' Pediatric Expert in Your Community...
  • Identifying & branding your pediatric/pregnancy niche
  • Getting FREE publicity 
  • Building your brand
  • Finding your audience + building your following
  • Getting new patients on Auto-Pilot
  • Don't be the best kept secret in the world!
Building Block / Week #8  
Multiple Streams of New Pediatric Patients: 
Get new patients on 'autopilot' with this time tested formula...
  • Multiple streams of new internal pediatric patients - for FREE
  • Have your practice build itself on a consistent basis
  • Grow your practice from the inside-out
  • Turn your patients into referral machines
Building Block / Week #9
Multiple Streams of New Pediatric Patients:
Marketing, Promotions, Special Events & Public Speaking... 

You'll have access to the biggest external marketing events in chiropractic's history. Become known as the 'Go-To' Pediatric Chiropractor in your area with these amazing events and stratagies. These events and stratagies helped build the biggest pediatric chiropractic practices in the world! Grow your practice like never before while becoming the "Go-To" kids doc in your community!

We'll additionally be sharing the free monthly special events to be sure and add to your marketing calender. These easy to plan, effective practice events keep your current patients enrolled and excited, while consistently driving new patients through your door. 
  • Marketing, promotions, special events, community outreach
  •  How to gain 30 new families every month
  • How to attract the child as the first patient in the family 
  •  How to position yourself in your community so that everyone knows you take care of children 
  •  Marketing to make you the 'Go-To' Pediatric Expert in Your Community   
Building Block / Week #10
Magical 9 Months of PREGNANCY CARE:
From Week 1 to Week 40, Become an Expert at Working with the Pregnant Woman... Topics Include:
  • Why it's vital every pregnant mom gets adjusted!
  • Attracting and caring for pregnant woman
  • Reclaiming Birth - converting what has turned into 9 months of medical treatment back to a magical 9 months
  • Adjusting certainty when working with the pregnant mom
  • Understanding ligament laxity in the expecting mom
  • Application of the Webster Technique
  • Preparation of a Birth Plan
  • How to encourage Breastfeeding and proper latch 
  • How to introduce Vaccination Choice
  • Bridging the gap between pregnancy & post partum care
  • Top 7 ways to ensure the pregnant mom decides to have her newborn adjusted
Building Block / Week #11
CLINICAL Certainty:
Pediatric Adjusting & Technique Tips Interpretation of Clinical Findings, the 5 Most Frequently Asked Parent Questions...
  • Develop 100% certainty in correcting subluxation in kids!
  • How to communicate the overwhelming safety of adjusting newborns
  • Clinical support
  • Case studies
  • Applying your adjusting technique to the pediatric and pregnant patient 
  • Interpreting clinical findings 
  • Answering the 5 questions parents most frequently ask about their child's spine
  Building Block / Week #12
Lifetime  Care Formula / Self Training...

Creating Chiropractic Leaders!
  • Integrating all of the Building Blocks for massive growth!
  • In order for your practice to flourish, you & your team need to be in shape (physically & mentally) & ready to serve.
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Level 2: Master Classes
Continuing the Journey with 
Accountability & Mastermind Pods

Now that we have established the 12 Building Blocks to your Pediatric Practice, continue your pediatric practice growth with Master Classes, Accountability & Masterminding.
Once you've completed level 1 and 'Growth Spurts', graduate into our level 2 program. 
Upon completion of the 12 Building Blocks your ready to move into the CP365 Level 2 Master Classes. With continued access to all of the level 1 material, EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE INTO ACTION with level 2 classes and Accountability Pods; including Live coaching from Drs. Warner, & other of the World's Leading Experts, with Accountability Mastermind Pods in each of the 12 foundational categories. The Level 2 Mastermind and Accountablility Pods will allow you to dive deeper into all 12 building block topics. Continue learning, while being held accountable to implement all of the stratagies & procedures within each mastermind. Each month choose which pods to join, and explore, to develop & expand your practice!
Grow Your Proficiency, Grow Your Confidence, Grow Your Practice!
Join the CP 365 Masterminds...
PLUS...Gain Access To Our Exclusive 
50/30 Club 
& Learn How to Get 
In 30 Days!
A Message From Drs. Warner...
Dear Chiropractor,

If you are not growing your Pediatric & Pregnancy Practice (right now) you are missing out on the opportunity to help more kids, serve more people, fulfill your mission, build your brand, grow your legacy, all while expanding your income and gaining  prosperity and freedom in your life.

Chiropractic Pediatrics 365 was created for YOU! It was born out of a burning desire to help more chiro's - help more kid's. Over the years, we have witnessed so many docs needlessly struggle. We see these practices have a few of the building blocks but are missing others, leaving a crack in their foundation. 
This ultimately sabotages their practice, becomes their downfall, and causes their limited success. 

A missing Building Block means stress, struggle, and time away from family. 
Ultimately, for the world, it means sick and dying kids are staying sick and subluxated! 

We created this program because we know what works!!! These techniques and procedures have been time tested. They were born in our office where we have been seeing babies, kids and pregnant moms for the past 25 years. 

What we teach is not symptom based and not cookie cutter. Just as each of our patients is a unique individual, each of our clients is as well. We are here for YOU. Your Success is Our Success! When You Win, We Win! 
And that is the Building Block to success!

Do you know the difference between successful people and un-successful people? Successful people do what others won't, SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE TAKE ACTION. 
Take action TODAY! 
Join Chiropractic Pediatrics 365 and change your practice today, and every day of the year. 
Join a cause where YOU Can Do More, Be More, Make More Profit, and Give Back More than you ever thought possible. 
Ask yourself this...Are You READY?

With Appreciation,
Drs. Teri & Stu 
So what are you waiting for? 
If after hearing about all of the content, strategies, guest lecturers and experts that you will have access to you still have questions and you're not 100% sure if this group is the right fit for you... Email us at:  Ask to schedule a time to speak with one of the Drs. Warner. They will be able to tell you within a few minutes if 'CP 365' is a fit & if our community is the best place for you & your practice to grow. 
Take Action Right Now To Change Your Practice & Your Life!
 I'm ready! I Can't Wait to Start Seeing More Kids. Get Me Started Today! 
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